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Application Prospect Of High Speed Motor

High-speed motor is the speed of more than 10000r / min motor, generally used in CNC engraving machine, precision grinding machines and high-speed centrifugal equipment and other equipment. Whether it is ordinary CNC machine tools or virtual axis machine tools, to achieve high-speed key components are still spindle unit. High-speed motor in the following areas have broad application prospects:

1, high-speed motor in the air conditioning or refrigerator centrifugal compressor and other occasions have been applied, and with the development of science and technology, special requirements more and more, its application will be more and more widely.

2, with the development of hybrid electric vehicle industry, small size, light weight high-speed motor will be taken seriously, and in the hybrid vehicle, aviation, ship and other fields have a good application prospects.

3, high-speed motor driven by the gas turbine is small, with high mobility, can be used for some important facilities, standby power, but also as an independent power supply or small power plants to make up for the lack of centralized power supply, has important practical value.

As the high-speed motor rotor centrifugal force and linear velocity is proportional to the square, high-speed motor requires a high mechanical strength; and high-speed motor due to high frequency, high iron consumption, the design should be appropriate to reduce the core of the magnetic density, Loss of core material.