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Does High-Speed Motor Noise Change?

Bearing as a high-speed motor in the core components, widely used in high-speed motor today, in the use of bearings often there will be some noise, for these noise, many motor operators will appear some of the questions: bearing noise, what is the reason Do not replace the new bearings? For these problems, today we will tell you about high-speed motor noise when the need to replace the bearings:

Most of the bearings noise is due to the bearing out of some problems, many customers in the face of bearing noise problems, the direct replacement of a new bearing, which is of course a solution, but in fact sometimes do not need to change the new.

Replacement of the bearing in addition to whether the noise to determine, but also need to determine the life and wear of the bearing, not a noise to replace the bearing. Under normal circumstances, the bearing noise is bad bearing the reason. High-speed motor in the use of high-speed rotation, the bearing is very critical; bearings are high-speed motor high-speed rotation of the core components. Bearing a different sound, the bearing raceway is generally lack of oil. If only the sound is sound, the bearing and no other strange, then this time there is no need to have to replace the bearing, should pay attention to increase the amount of circulating water to improve the cooling effect, try not to run for a long time, work for some time, Cooling down. However, if the bearings in the work of a violent vibration, which represents the bearing wear is very serious, even if there is no noise to replace the bearing.

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