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Spindle Motor Maintenance Of The Seven Small Details

And then a strong mechanical equipment is also necessary to maintain, which is the same car, even if no matter how good a car, if the driver does not care, do not conservation, the car will be a problem! It will break on the long way to travel! Engraving and milling machine needs conservation, especially the spindle motor is a very important, and very fragile parts, but also need to conservation!

Usually maintenance operations are mainly cleaning, which seems small, but the extension of the spindle motor life plays a great role! Spindle motor is a wear and tear every day parts, in order to extend its longevity is necessary to be preserved for its supply of an excellent operating environment!

(1) to establish the protection of engraving and milling machine awareness, for the spindle motor, the protection of the implementation of awareness that is to develop "a dry finish will sort the spindle motor" habits! If this habit to develop, the spindle motor the most important maintenance operations to do it!

(2) the operator after the day after the operation to use the vacuum cleaner finishing the spindle motor rotor and the motor terminal on the debris to prevent the waste in the rotor and the terminal on the accumulation, in order to prevent the waste into the bearing, Bearing wear; to prevent the waste into the terminal, the formation of motor short circuit burned.

(3) each time the card and replace the tool, the operator will need to pull the cap cap unscrew, can not use the tool directly plug tool change tool!

(4) the operator to develop a habit, after unloading the chuck and pressure cap to clean up.

(5) is also a habit, that is, when the operator on the knife must be to the tool, the first card and pressure cap finishing clean! This detail is done, the spindle motor life can be greatly extended!

(6) every day after the start of the operator is necessary to view the motor cooling water to the operating conditions, to see whether the pump is normal operation, to see the cooling water is not scale, microbial contamination, to see the pipeline condition is not normal, Make sure the cooling water is in normal circulation! Do not open the spindle motor without cooling water in the spindle motor! As long as the normal cooling under the premise of the spindle motor in the outstanding operating conditions. If the water pipe has a dead curve to form a poor flow or dust blocking the pipeline, it will form a spindle motor can not work properly, and will affect the processing role.

(7) Apply the spindle motor according to the standard! Do this is the best conservation!