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Factors Affecting Machining Precision Of Machining Center Die

Precision turning Machining center in the process of processing the mold, the precision and surface of the processing quality requirements of more and more high, in order to ensure the quality of mold processing, we should choose from the machine tool, the choice of toolholder, tool selection, processing program, program generation, operator requirements and so on to consider.

1. Select Precision Turning Machining Center

With the improvement of product design requirement and the development of high speed and precision machining technology, it has greatly improved the quality of mould NC machining and greatly improved the machining speed, reduced the processing process, shortened the production cycle and clamping times of the mould, sometimes eliminated the time-consuming fitter repair work. The high speed and precision machining of mould is becoming one of the important contents of technological transformation of mould manufacturing enterprises, the precision turning machining Center replaces the traditional low-speed machining, and the development of die manufacturing technology will bring us a richer product experience.

2. Adopt proper Toolholder structure

The use of precision turning machining centers will also lead to the updating of related process equipment. In particular, the tool on the NC machining quality, the impact of the hilt will become prominent. In the Rotary cutter machining system, the clamping head is closely connected with the machine tool (or its combination) to ensure the realization of the machining performance of the tool. Commonly used machine tool and Toolholder interface has HSK hollow shank and BT tool holder, such as two categories. Machine tool spindle and BT shank Taper Shank Interface Taper is 24:7, the traditional low-speed machining is suitable to use this kind of toolholder connection, because the BT shank and machine tool spindle is only cone coordination, in the high rotational speed centrifugal force will make the cone fit gap increases, thus affecting the NC machining quality. Generally when the spindle speed exceeds 16000 rpm, we will need to use HSK hollow shank, HSK tool rod positioning structure for the positioning, provide the standard connection with the machine tool, under the action of machine tool, to ensure that the short cone and the end of the tool rod and machine closely fit.

3. Choose the right Machining tool

The rational use and selection of cutting tool in precision turning machining center will be an important factor affecting the quality of NC machining. Cemented carbide tool is more and more widely used, high speed machining of coated cemented carbide will replace most of the front steel tools, including reamer, ball head knife, boring knife, such as simple tools, coated cemented carbide in the high-speed machining tool material plays an important role, applied to most of the conventional processing field.

Usually we know that in roughing we will choose large-diameter tool for processing, in order to save costs and reduce the difficulty of cutting tool manufacturing, we will use the clamping carbide blade, as far as possible to make more roughing; in semi-fine machining, the use of high speed high feed insert blade, make half fine machining go fast; in finishing, try to use high-precision round-head mirror blade in cemented carbide tool rod to ensure the strength of tool and tool rod, which will save the high cost of selecting the whole alloy tool while keeping the machining precision. In precision turning, we also need to note that the fillet radius of the inner contour of the finishing part must be greater than or equal to the radius of the cutter. The choice of radius is less than the corner radius of the tool by circular interpolation or diagonal interpolation method to process, this can avoid the use of linear interpolation and the emergence of cutting phenomenon, to ensure the quality of mold finishing.

4. NC Process Plan

In precision turning machining, the importance of the design of NC technology is referred to a higher position, the whole process of precision turning must be controlled, any errors will have a serious impact on the mold quality, so the process plan will play a decisive role in the processing quality. The design of precision turning process can be regarded as the state control of a system process scheme between parts blanks and parts processing. Good precision turning processing scheme is difficult in the whole design process, need to undergo continuous practice summary and modification can be obtained, in the design process to consider a lot of information, the relationship between information is extremely complex, this must be through the programmer's actual work experience to ensure. Therefore, the design quality of the process plan mainly depends on the experience and level of the technicians of the precision turning machining center.