The day before, with the leading domestic high-speed motor manufacturing capabilities and first-class scientific research and development capability of Jingjiang Jianken High-Speed Electric Motor Co.,Ltd introduced the latest research and development, with the latest design of high speed spindle, high speed motor, high speed mechanical products for customers to choose. Ken high-speed machine efficient product positioning in improving customer competitiveness, highlighting its own advantages.

The advantage of Jingjiang Jianken High-Speed Electric Motor Co.,Ltd: high precision, high speed, ceramic ball bearing, the production of JG series high speed motor, high speed cutting, milling, grinding, engraving and other products with high speed electric spindle, speed can reach 1 to 90 thousand rpm, maximum power up to 30KW, and has low noise, small vibration, large torque, smooth running characteristics. High speed motor can be quickly used in precision medical equipment products, fine chemical products, cosmetics industry, food processing machinery, electronic industry and other industries as high-speed emulsion power or homogenizer.

In addition, Jingjiang Jianken High-Speed Electric Motor Co.,Ltd, and strive to reach a win-win relationship with customers, and constantly improve their professional knowledge, and constantly establish cooperative relations with domestic and foreign research, professional to ensure product quality and stability. According to different customer needs to create a professional design, manufacturing and maintenance program. Communicate with customers in time after sales, and solve problems in the process of using professional.